Anna Weihrauch

Musical performer and actress

She was our ambassador of the season in the 17/18 autumn-winter campaign. Her beautiful face, fantastic charisma and strong personality won both us and the camera over. Her main line of work is as a musical performer and she can currently be seen playing the leading role “Babe” in the musical “Dirty Dancing”. She is also an actress in a TV series. We were able to learn more about her and about her profession and her passion in an interview:

You’re a musical performer. Why did you choose this job?

The musical found me somehow. When I was a kid, I was always in the music or ballet school and I played in my first musical when I was a teenager. It was there that I discovered my passion for the stage and so I decided when I finished school that I would go to Hamburg and train to be a musical performer, which I have never regretted to this day.

Is this passion also reflected in other aspects of your life?

You should always do everything in life with passion; after all, it’s only those things which we really believe in which make us happy. Whether it’s food or fashion – I’d always like to be able to understand where the products come from. In my opinion, it’s much better to go out and get yourself something that’s really great and which you can really appreciate for all your life. My sister and I love rummaging around in my mum’s wardrobe and finding old treasures which today we find cool.

What is important for you when you buy fashion?

When I was 20, the shopping I did was really haphazard. The world looks different now and I only buy things which I really need and which go with my lifestyle: good quality, sustainability and fairly made products are important for me.

You already have quite a few Werner Christ jackets, don’t you? What features do you find in each of these jackets again?

I actually have three Christ jackets now and I love them ALL. They mirror the lifestyle I embody. The leather is beautifully soft, they are light and the craftsmanship is superb. Above all, they are functional. I’ve got two winter coats, for example, which are reversible. On the one side they are very simple and timeless but reversed they are transformed into a hot, sexy coat for the evening. My snappy, small, black leather jacket – which every woman should have in her wardrobe – goes with any outfit, it doesn’t matter if it’s casual or chic. My Christ jackets always add a really special touch to any outfit.

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