Interview with a founder
Werner Christ, born in Gondershausen in 1929

The brand is the guarantee for the fine quality. How have you managed to ensure the consistent quality over all these years?

I’ve always loved good quality. It’s especially for the look and the haptics that I’ve always set the highest standards. I’ve had to make many decisions in my life and it was back in 1982 that I had the idea to set up a second site in the sheep country of Uruguay and then in 1988 to build a tannery there as well. That’s how we were able to guarantee good quality.

What made you think of specialising in the natural product lambskin?

I’m a lover of leather and developed a curiosity about lambskin which then led me to trying to find out everything about this material too. I’ve always wanted to make the best and in the best quality.

Where did you get your inspiration from?

When we started with weatherproof clothing at that time, it was made of plastic. We quickly switched to genuine leather though, and then to lambskins as well – always to something better. I always wanted to match myself against the best.

You’ve always attached great importance to sustainable production. What motivated you to do that?

I’ve always felt responsible for the environment. When we started building the tannery in Uruguay at that time, the cesspit was finished before anything else. We also started working with renewable energies at a very early stage. The solar energy installation we set up in 2007 immediately produced crude-oil savings of 20%. In 2009 we built a wood incinerator. The CO 2 emissions which naturally occur when wood is burnt are compensated for by the surrounding forest. We now have a net zero carbon footprint in our tanning process.

What is your motto?

“Leather from one and the same source right from the beginning”

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