The leopard pattern – elegant, wild and modern 

The leopard pattern has been seeing one comeback after another for quite a few years now; in fact, it has never really disappeared. Since you can wear this chic pattern the whole year round and combine it with a whole host of different outfits, it’s not really surprising that this trend has advanced to a truly enduring winner. 

This animal pattern can look back on a very long history: Jackie Kennedy Onassis wore a coat made of leopard skin in 1962, sparking off a veritable fascination for this pattern. Since then, the leopard pattern has conquered the hearts of ladies. In the coming seasons you will find the pattern again on bags, scarfs and jackets in the WERNER CHRIST Collection PART TWO 19. Since the motif is currently hitting top form, it would seem the right time to treat yourself to one or two such items. 

Many people are still somewhat hesitant when it comes to the leopard pattern and it is with this in mind that WERNER CHRIST has decided to show how the pattern can create a luxurious and tasteful style. For those who don’t yet feel quite confident enough to go for the all-over look, there is of course the alternative of leopard accessories. Leopard patterns lend any outfit a certain wildness and really create a glamorous look. At the same time they exude independence and individuality. 

The leopard pattern is a loner and stands apart 

The leopard pattern should always be the only motif and be quietly combined. An absolute no-no: combing other animals prints such as a zebra pattern with the leopard pattern. If you want to combine the leopard pattern with jewellery, you should choose filigreed earrings, chains or rings in warm tones such as gold. 

High-quality materials are essential for the luxurious look

High-quality materials such as leather and lambskin don’t just look exquisite, they are also durable and therefore better for the environment. It is especially with the leopard look that you really should opt for high-quality natural materials. 

Cool break in style

The simplest way is to combine leopard patterns with tasteful and plain clothes. The cut of the clothes should also be considered. The WERNER CHRIST reversible coat Lola K, for instance, can create a cool style in combination with casual jeans and flat boots or sneakers – an ingenious break in style created by a luxurious coat and a laid-back look! 

The leopard coat as an eye-catcher

One of the absolute IT pieces is the leopard coat. With the reversible coat Lola K you have a snug coat with a leopard pattern on the sleeves. It’s not merely a print though, but filigreed WERNER CHRIST craftsmanship with the pattern shorn by hand into the lambskin. The separate ‘leopard parts’ are then sewn on manually. Thanks to it being reversible, you can also transform this high-quality coat into a clean, timeless companion. The leopard pattern can then be seen on the fine and precise quilted stitching and resembles an exquisite embossment. 

If you would like to wear the leopard look with a touch of coolness, then the straight-cut leather coat Ginny K is the one for you. The leopard-skin patch pockets, which have also been superbly crafted with the finest attention to detail, are a real eye-catcher! What’s more, the calfskin nappa has been bonded with jersey to make it wonderfully comfortable to wear and at the same time, this bonding of the leather with the jersey creates a cool stiffness. Calfskin nappa is beautifully soft and supple to the feel and its natural sheen makes it a true delight to the eyes. 

Leopard accessories for the perfect finish

You can really create striking accents with leopard accessories and transform outfits into trend looks with that certain something. It is particularly with warm tones that you can combine this voguish pattern. The WERNER CHRIST leopard accessories can be combined with each other to create a consummately consistent style. The only thing you need to do is to make sure that you choose accessories in the same colour. The Furtastic Scarf LEO and the Furtastic Waistbag LEO, for instance, can be elegantly combined with plain clothes or jeans. The coat Minzy can also be combined with the FURtastic Scarf Leo. Simply detach the collar with the press studs and replace it with a Furtastic Scarf Leo!

While leopard accessories lend classic outfits a touch of glamour, a suggestion of coolness and an ample measure of wildness, leopard coats rank among the favourite items of fashionistas. The leopard pattern has rightly advanced to the most popular animal motif. It is becoming perfectly evident that the motif is not just a fleeting fashion trend but is without doubt a fashion classic which will be a faithful companion to us on our accessories and clothes. 

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