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Discover the new versatile Collection PART ONE 2019, which combines WERNER CHRIST quality and tradition with a modern spirit.

The remarkable feature of PART ONE is that it is not confined to a specific season or a particular region, or even a certain climate, for that matter. Instead, PART ONE will appeal to all those who lead an urbane life, are outward-looking and feel at home anywhere.

Since it is the first collection of 2019, it is aptly called PART ONE.
But what is it exactly that makes PART ONE so unique, so special?

Luxurious sportswear influences, both soft and bold colours, high-quality features such as buttons sewn on by hand, innovative materials such as woven leather, and the play of contrasts in lengths and widths.

A particular highlight: the attributes transgender, transage and transseasonal, which run through the entire collection transforming all the models into timeless styling all-rounders for any occasion, any weather and any place.



Why not share your shirt with your partner, for example. Crafted in beautifully soft goatskin suede and with its casual, loose-fit cut, the shirt Yoko really is not only quite stunning but can be worn by both women and men. Women simply wear the shirt with the sleeves rolled up a touch.

The designs of our models are such that you will feel just as comfortable wearing them indoors in a business meeting as outdoors too at a party on a balmy summer evening. Take the lambskin waistcoat Vera, for example, which you can wear casually as a layering piece in the summer or over a polo-neck sweater in the winter. Or the leather jacket Miu, which you can wear as a chic blazer jacket in the winter. What’s more, not only can our models be adapted to a climate, a region or a season, they can also create different looks. The reversible lambskin hoodie Momo, for instance, boasts two different facets: wear the soft fur on the outside for a sporty style or the leather on the outside for a cool, simple look.

WERNER CHRIST is synonymous with handcrafted fashion. It is fashion which is as individual and distinctive as the people who wear it.
Discover PART ONE 2019 – a collection of sublime quality which consistently unites the ideals of aesthetics, functionality and innovation.

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