the peculiarities of our products

The exclusivity of a shearling or leather product does not only depend on the raw material used, but also on many other (often “invisible”) factors:

1.  The raw material for every WERNER CHRIST product is procured by German leather technicians all over the world while ensuring species-appropriate farming and slaughtering conditions. Only the best quality leathers and shearlings are used.
2.  WERNER CHRIST puts great emphasis on the use of high-quality products and ingredients. All chemicals used for the tanning and dyeing of WERNER CHRIST shearlings and leathers are sourced from European manufacturers adhering to the highest quality standards. Only then, the unique feel of the material, the excellent colour fastness and the pleasantly natural smell of the leather can be guaranteed. (in this context: Only trivalent chrome has tanning properties. WERNER CHRIST sources this trivalent chrome from German manufacturer VÖLPKER.)
3.  The social and ecological conditions under which a product is manufactured are not visible but of great value and significance. At WERNER CHRIST the responsibility of the entire supply chain (from raw material to sales) plays an important role. This way we can guarantee consistent quality and we can ensure the clean and fair production of every product. All employees worldwide are covered by social and medical insurance. The working conditions are excellent and comparable to German standards. The WERNER CHRIST owned tannery has achieved its goal of a CO2-neutral tanning process by using a woodchip furnace, reforesting of trees and the use of solar energy. The tannery in Uruguay has been awarded the ECO2L (energy controlled leather) label for the second time in a row as the first and only sheepskin tannery in the world. The sewage treatment plant of the WERNER CHRIST tannery in Uruguay is so efficient that other companies, with an official permit of the government, can clean their wastewater there too. The responsibility for the wastewater treatment allows us to guarantee the highest possible environmental protection.
4.  More than 60 years of experience in the areas of tanning, dyeing, development and manufacturing ensure a long-lasting, sustainable and timeless product that will hopefully become your new favourite companion.
Aerial view of our tannery in San Jose, Uruguay.
In the top right corner of the photograph the planted forests can be seen together with the artificial lakes that serve as the last step in the wastewater treatment (mechanical cleaning).
The last last lake is a haven for life. Mallards, Nutrias and several species of fish call the lake their home.


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