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Upcycling leather at WERNER CHRIST
The term ‘upcycling’ (also known as ‘creative reuse’) stands for much more than just fashion which is environmentally friendly and socially more just, for instead of using virgin materials, the excess material frequently left over from producing new goods is used, for example from cuttings or colour samples.

It is particularly in the fashion and accessories industry that upcycling has evolved into a veritable trend closely associated with sustainability and the conservation of natural resources, and there are various ways in which upcycling techniques can be used to create fashionwear.

The trend towards upcycling is not just about an expression of unconventional eco fashion, however, for it also creates real added value and protects the environment in a variety of ways. What’s more, upcycling distinguishes itself through fair working conditions too.

WERNER CHRIST has discovered the potential for new and high-quality excess leather lying around unused in storerooms. The upcycling process has made it possible to create something completely new and unique with a distinctive and sustainable character.

Upcycling has never had such a luxurious look…
The first stage saw both napped leather and suede carefully cut by hand into leather strips. Leather is – not least thanks to its robustness and durability – always something special. The added advantage of this material mix, however, is that is also creates a highly distinctive matt/shiny effect.

These leather strips were then skilfully woven with the finest attention to detail.

Weaving is one of humankind’s oldest handicrafts. Basically, weaving is interlacing warp and weft threads at right angles, with the warp threads running lengthways and the weft threads running crossways. WERNER CHRIST used the new leather strips as weft threads for the jackets Marina and Minna.

What is captivating is that the interplay of the material mix and the weaving not only reinterprets the original material but it also creates an exceptional structure.

The final stage saw the jackets trimmed with goatskin suede for the finishing touches.

Upcycling at WERNER CHRIST has, thus, not only extended the life of the material but also creatively reused it to produce something innovative and unique!

the jackets MARINA aND MINNA may be regarded as truly unique

Both jackets were designed in the exquisite bouclé style and boast an exceptional material structure. Yet both jackets are also functional and for everyday use and thus ideally serve the needs of the urbane globetrotter.
With the jacket Minna you’ll display casual yet stylish elegance. The hook-and-eye fastener and the breast and waist pockets add a sporty touch to the jacket. A really distinctive eye-catcher: the shoulders accentuated by padding!

The jacket Marina features details such as a slightly waisted cut and a chrome-coloured zip fastener to underline the filigree design. A really distinctive eye-catcher: the slit pockets set off with contrasting suede leather!


UPCYCLING is an upgrade
UPCYCLING helps to conserve resources
UPCYCLING takes creativity to produce something new and unique

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