A variety of highly specialised and elaborate production steps in our very own tannery and making-up shop lays the foundations for the creation
of our beautiful lambskin and leather jackets and our leather accessories.
Design and coloration – our innovative designs are inspired by the current "zeitgeist" and crafted using high-quality materials.
Refining the materials
Our superior-quality lambskins and leathers are put through a unique refining process: tanning, dyeing and dressing.
Since it is a natural product, there may be slight differences in the colour. To reduce this to the absolute minimum, the hides are sorted according to their tones.
Cutting pattern
This is a very elaborate process because the hides are not in convenient standard lengths – each has its own size and shape. A jacket has up to 100 individually cut parts.
The parts are individually cut to size by hand using special tools.
All Werner Christ products are crafted by hand with the help of special machines.
The final touches lend the products their unique character.
Quality control
Every single jacket is checked by hand at numerous stages of the manufacturing process.