Our items are created from ONE AND THE SAME natural product, the differences being only in the leather and the various types of lambskin we use. These are sourced globally with the greatest of care by our team of specialists and are without exception sustainable secondary products because it is only those leathers and lambskins from animals raised for food production which WERNER CHRIST uses.
Leather & Lambskin
The leathers we use
Leather comes in various qualities depending on the particular animal and its age. We use only the best and finest types of leather which our leather experts have carefully selected from around the world. Using special processing techniques, we remove the wool from the leather and can then sort them according to their visual characteristics into nappa leather and suede leather as well as others we have developed ourselves in our own tannery.
The lambskins we use
Lambskins are leather which has not had the wool removed. Depending on the type of wool and how it is treated, different “looks” can be created: long, short, curly, smooth and wavy.

The reverse side (leather side) can be given a suede or nappa finish.
Our exclusive C3 long-term impregnation protects each product against wet conditions and soiling.


Leather and lambskins are breathable and thus offer optimum temperature regulation.

Wind Resistant

Leather and lambskin jackets are wind resistant and will give you that much-needed extra protection against the cold.


All WERNER CHRIST leather colours have to pass a lightfastness test in our laboratory. This is to make sure that every single colour will keep its intensity, charm and elegance for many years to come.

C3 impregnation

The C3 long-term impregnation we have specially developed ourselves provides the best possible protection against wet conditions and soiling for all WERNER CHRIST products.


Our own tannery has received numerous awards for its environment-friendly, resources-saving and CO2-neutral tanning and for its exemplary working conditions.

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