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Heritage and origins
It all began in the gently rolling hills of the Hunsrück in 1954 when Werner and Anni Christ started making patented raincoats in their garage with their first sewing machine. Quality and customer orientation were central to their philosophy from the very outset and sustainability was also gaining ground too.


The leather and lambskin era
The motorcycling trend of the 60s saw the firm switching production to leather and motorcycle jackets.
Satisfying customer needs gave the company yet further impetus in its drive for craftsmanship, functionality and zeitgeist.


The evolution forges ahead
To be in the position to offer customers a highly distinctive product and to maintain their competitive edge, the founders focussed on sustainable
and innovative products at a very early stage. This meant continuing to press ahead with research into and development of a wide range of refining and processing techniques.


Key expansion in Uruguay
Wishing to ensure the best standards of quality possible and also to gain exclusive access to leather and lambskins of the highest quality,
the family decided to set up their own tannery in San José, Uruguay, in 1983. The entire value-added chain was now in the hands of the family business and it meant they could guarantee fair and sustainable production at each and every stage.


Diversification and branching-out
At the beginning of the 90s the second generation now running the business branched out into using the expertise gained over many years for medical lambskin products. They focused in particular on items for horse riders and on baby´s and children’s products. With the demand for clothing and lambskin products soaring, another factory was set up on Cebu in the Philippines.


The turn of the millennium saw the firm breaking into new markets with the help of international partners and the Werner Christ brand gaining yet more recognition and awareness as a result.  Sales channels became more diversified at the national level too, with the firm’s own bricks-and-mortar shops and an online shop.


The dawn of the digitalisation
Corresponding to the Zeitgeist, next to print-media, the online presence was expanded. 
The communication strategy was further developed: in addition to the new online shop, the
implementation of social media and new distribution channels began.


Next generation: birth of the label WERNER CHRIST  
The advent of the digital age went hand in hand with the third generation taking over the company’s affairs,
and rebranding has brought a new chapter in the history of the family business WERNER CHRIST.
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