How to Storage your Werner Christ Jacket?
Our valuable lambskin and leather go through a unique process of refinement. Every product is equipped with our exclusive C3 - long-term impregnation, thus protecting them against wet and dirt. Regular airing and shaking of our products allows them to retain their charm and allure permanently.

Coat Hangers

To ensure your jacket remains in the best possible condition, it is important that it is hung on a coat hanger which is the right design for keeping the shape of the jacket and for its size and weight.

Clothes covers

Leather needs to be able to breathe so it is vital that leather garments are stored in airy and dry conditions. The leather should be protected from intense light and sunlight, dust and moths. This is why we recommend keeping such garments in a breathable and protective clothes cover.


Over time and with constant use, leather loses some of its fat and moisture content. To keep it nice and supple and also to provide extra protection for your jacket against wet conditions, we recommend spraying it with C3 proofing spray, which we have specially developed ourselves.

Professional cleaning

You needn’t have any reservations about asking a lot of your jacket because should you ever feel it needs to be cleaned professionally, we offer our own in-house cleaning service for all WERNER CHRIST lambskin and leather jackets. Simply call us on +49 6745 1810.